Media Interviews

23/12/2018 Darul Uloom Institute. Al Hikmat TV. Interview Topic: “Religion and Politics in America”, Pembroke Pines, FL USA
26/09/2018 Darul Uloom Institute. Al Hikmat TV. Interview Topic: “Pressing Issues Concerning the Muslim World ”, Pembroke Pines, FL USA
5/2/2012 Dubai Acumen, Competed in the Acumen Business for Good Competition. You can watch the video here:
5/4/2010 Al AAN TV. Interviewed on AMIRA Show on Arab women achievements. Subject: My journey in media & philanthropy.
July 08 Hia Magazine. Feature story titled (in Arabic): I dream of expanding my work and encourage people to work in the field of philanthropy.
17/6/08 Al Watan Newspaper. Report titled: Contemporary Saudi Woman and the Future Generation.
26/5/08 Time Magazine. Special report titled: A Place to Call Their Own; Young Arabs find a balance of tradition and opportunity in Dubai. With lots of business smarts, they are ready to make a fortune, and have fun too.
Nov 07 Liberty Expat Magazine. Article titled: Epiphanies of Yasemin Saib
15/10/07 Dubai I Radio. The Edge Show. Interviewed on the screening of the documentary: Source of Goodness: Journey with Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Sumait to Africa.
May 07 Forbes Magazine (Arabia). Cover story titled: Contemporary Saudi Women.
13/2/07 OKAZ Newspaper. Report titled (in Arabic): Long Journey ahead: How being in a foreign environment taught adaptability.
16/8/06 Emirates Today. Published an article and a poem in solidarity with Lebanon.
1/4/06 Gulf Business. Opinion Columnist. Wrote a column titled: Into the spotlight: The personal journey of a female Saudi media personality.
21/3/06 Congress Daily Magazine. Column titled: Battling Stereotypes. Yasemin Saib, Senior Producer with Arabic satellite broadcaster MBC, reveals the journey she has taken as a female Saudi media personality in a post 9/11 world.
21/11/05 Sayyedati Magazine. Interviewed on my experiences as a Saudi female Producer of business programs for an Arabic Broadcasting corporation.
1/9/05 Laha Magazine. Interviewed about the production of the weekly Mustasharak Al-Mali (Your Financial Advisor) business program which aired on Al Arabiya TV.
11/9/02 BBC World Radio. Interviewed in New York on the anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy and what the Muslim American community’s reaction and response have been over the last year. Also discussions on the possible US attack on Iraq.
25/6/02 Evangelisches Journalistenburo Berlin. Interview with Thomas Klatt, about the state of the Muslim American community post 9/11.
25/6/02 Fox Morning News. Presented with Daniel Lubetzky on the mission and objectives of One Voice.
20/5/02 KAAA and KZZZ. Radio interview on the Richard Kaffenderger Show at KAAA and KZZZ in Arizona, California and Nevada about Muslims Against Terrorism outreach efforts.
13/5/02 Jewish Weekly. Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism – Presented on behalf of Muslims Against Terrorism about the state of the American Muslim community.
9/5/02 Abu Dhabi TV. Interviewed on the Dunya Show about MAT’s involvement with the PBS documentary, “Muslims”.
4/3/02 German TV (SWR). Interviewed on a feature segment on the work of MAT and on the contribution of Muslims to American life.
19/1/02 New Yorker Magazine. Co-host of ASMA Society’s Muslim art event titled: “Reflections at a Time of Transformation: American Muslim Artists Reach Out To New Yorkers.” Location: Church of St. John the Divine, NY.
3/1/02 ABC, Good Morning America. Live Interview on September 11th Epiphanies with Diane Sawyer.
11/12/01 WCBS – TV – Channel 2 News. Live interview on Muslim reaction to the US government’s intent to release the discovered tape of Usama Bin Laden as well as Muslim responsibility in combating terrorism.
24/10/01 MTV. MTV network’s “Understanding Muslims” in today’s modern world (panelist). The panel was focused on raising awareness and educating people on who Muslims are and what they believe in. It was broadcast to MTV employees globally.
21/9/01 New York Post. Interviewed at Muslim peace rally (co-organizer), Madison Square Park.